Become a calmer, more grounded, happier you...

Remove blocks to your well-being:

Reduce stress and anxiety,

Release old emotional trauma,

Stop repeating unwanted behaviour,

Change your life for the better.

Surrender your stresses and ills and allow harmony and balance into your life.

Let go of control and start to allow your life to flow.

Release that which causes you stress, the roots of your issues and allow them to be lifted out of your body.

Resolve old trauma and release negative patterns of thinking and behaviour.  

Instinctively shamanic and guided in my work, these transformative energy healing sessions get to the root of the issue and support you through the inner work that you need to do at the time. They help you to connect with the essence of the Earth and a path to true health.

Allow yourself to change on practical, emotional and energetic levels, to remove the blocks to your wellness and find yourself along the way.

Available in person or online.

Distance Work Undertaken

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 ​Create a harmonious home for your and your loved ones:

Nurture your self,

Improve your sleep,

Feel well,

Enjoy living in your home.

When energy is in balance and harmonious it feels right, it feels fresh & bright, full of life. When energy is out of balance or there is disharmony, it feels awkward, dull, low and stuck.

So, in your house there may be areas that feel dark, cold or damp. There may be places that always seem to be cluttered. You may feel that you just can’t get on with your life.

On the land, there may be areas where plants and trees find it difficult to grow, people or animals are persistently ill, or the land may be constantly wet.

Energy healing is the act of clearing and re-balancing the energy so that it is connected back with the natural flow of life. The detrimental energy is transmuted or changed which allows healing to occur and harmony to be restored.

Distance work undertaken.

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