Through July we have two eclipses. A solar eclipse last Tuesday on the New Moon and a lunar eclipse on the16th, the date of the full moon - interesting energetically! I feel that this is a great time for introspection, inbetween these two eclipses, an opportunity to go within, to find some quiet space. Perhaps look at what you are focussing on in life, affirm that this is coming from the heart and that it is for your highest good - that you want to continue this forward into the second half of the year. Now that we are past the Solstice, life can settle for a while as we coast away from the long days - enjoying this sunny weather!

As usual, as we move towards the fullness of the moon, emotional issues are brought to the fore, but with the eclipse it may mean that you have difficulty resolving or releasing things as we are denied the crescendo of light. Spending some extra time in nature will feel good, trees are great helpers in lifting off emotional blues.

I have two days for especially working with the moon energy this month - 15th & 16th July.

I now have four appointment times on each date including one evening one:

10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 7 pm.

Text or call me on 07919248794 or use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book.

Reasons to ground yourself every morning and evening (at least!)

It gives us a route to let go of stress,

We make better decisions when we are grounded,

It strengthens our connection with the Earth which we need to feel well,

It helps up keep a calm mind,

It reduces inflammation in the body.

Being grounded helps us feel like we can cope with whatever life puts in our path.


To try a grounding meditation - click here

All around the Hawthorn is pushing out it's leaves as the sap is rising.

That beautiful, strong, bright, spring green.

Frequency 528Hz

One of the ancient sacred Solfeggio frequencies. 

It repairs us and aids healing and transformation.

Lets get out in nature and absorb as much as we can...


Healing Meditations

I'm very happy to say that after almost a year in the organising, the CDs are now ready.  

It started with one of the girls in the meditation class saying that she felt she would manage more meditation if she 'could just listen to me at home'. And here we are.

They are a series of six, part guided, meditation sessions which are progressive in themselves and designed to be listened to many times over.

I have also charged sets of crystals which can be used to enhance your meditation experience if you wish.

Both the CDs and the Crystal sets are £9.99 each and are currently available from my Etsy Shop here



So we can create our realities and live in in a world that we want to be in? Yes I think so - our thoughts, beliefs and states of mind are powerful in creating our perceptions of the world.

The media generally would have us believe that most people are out to hurt us, steal from us or swindle us which gives a warped view. As we get wise to the 'newsworthy' biased stories, some of the large (rich enough to spend generously in advertising) companies are now laying a veil of buzz words over their products to give us the impression that they are 'all natural', 'animal friendly' or 'earth friendly', that they have a conscience and good ethics - often when you look into things further its just not true.

At the moment, its the celebrities that have spoken out about their beliefs and thoughts of the world that are making most sense to me (people like Emma Thompson, Woody Harrrelson and Emma Watson), more so than the politicians. Is it because of these actor's creativeness? Is this the strengthening of the creative consciousness? the more 'feminine' way? rising up to balance an all too 'masculine' world?

And if we can create our world, then lets do it. Lets open our hearts and just love each other. Stop judging, controlling and competing and allow everyone the time, space and love they need to be who they want to be. Stop fighting, dictating and distrusting and start supporting each other while we learn to be responsible, ask for help and feel compassion. The more we live from our hearts the more our love will shine out, the more we join together the more our consciousnesses will expand and collect. and then - who knows what might happen.  :-)

I think Spring has sprung!

Can you feel it? There is definitely something in the air. The birds are more vocal, there are bright green shoots pushing up from the earth and colours starting to appear.  Its a wonderfully exciting time as we once again start anew. It's the easiest time of year to release everything that no longer serves us and move forward with new energy. We tend to want to get out more, to begin on those plans, we often start wearing different colours and make changes to our diet as our digestion strengthens. 

It's an ideal time therefore to detox, whether that be our bodies, our houses or our energy fields. Clutter, inside or out, blocks our growth and causes disharmony in our lives. Clearing that clutter can give us a wonderful feeling of freedom, full of possibilities and potential. Just letting those feelings course through our bodies readies us for action and to get on with our ideas and dreams.

It can be a period of vigorous growth but be careful not push ahead too quickly. Don't forget to keep nurturing yourself and maintaining your well-being on all levels. Good Luck in whatever you are doing and look after your lovely selves.


A Holistic Event with treats for Body Mind and Soul

Saturday 14th November

Natural Health Clinic, Brampton, Cumbria

Like the Facebook page here to keep up to date with the treatments, talks, workshops and offers taster sessions available on the day.


Beautiful Lighting in the Woods this morning.


They say that walking by trees and water is great for reducing stress. May be due to the oxygen and the positive ions, but what ever it is when you are greeted with sights like this it certainly feels good for the soul.



I'm very happy to say that my new Crystal Healing Boxes are ready.  This first one 'LOVE YOUR HOME' contains all that you need to carry out a clearing of the energy of your home.

It contains Rose Quartz for love, Aventurine for courage and a sense of purpose, Citrine for abundance.

Arrange these crystals alongside the enclosed candle to create a little altar in the centre of your home and read the House Blessing aloud.

You can use as often as you like but it is especially useful to clear the air after any arguments or harsh words or when you feel that the environment isn't supporting your health.  Our homes can be nourishing places which we love. They warm our hearts when we come through the door and give us a safe haven to relax and repair. 

A Lovely gift to yourself or for another - find them in my Etsy shop, Subtle Earth, here

Well I can hardly believe it - Last week I finished the running app 'couch to 5k'. It starts with you running for 60 seconds (and that was such a struggle at the time!) and slowly increases over nine weeks until you are running non-stop for 30 minutes - fantastic! I feel great and I'm still running three times a week. I think its so good for you to feel strong and fit in your body however you do it - it really makes you feel alive. I wasn't a big fan of running but as long as you listen to your body I think anyone can do it - You can go when you want and it costs nothing - feeling inspired? Come on then!

As the longest day of the year draws near - I urge you to:

♥  be your best

♥  show off

♥  get outside and bask in the sun 

♥  tell everyone what it was that you wanted to say

because after Sunday the dark comes in and we will ever so slightly start to withdraw and start to quieten down our celebration of the light - so while we can lets:








I felt yellow today!

As I was walking past this field I could feel the warmth and energy on the side of my face. I stopped and just drank in the energy of this sight. I urge you to find a field of rape and feel yellow for yourselves - joyous!

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