So we can create our realities and live in in a world that we want to be in? Yes I think so - our thoughts, beliefs and states of mind are powerful in creating our perceptions of the world.

The media generally would have us believe that most people are out to hurt us, steal from us or swindle us which gives a warped view. As we get wise to the 'newsworthy' biased stories, some of the large (rich enough to spend generously in advertising) companies are now laying a veil of buzz words over their products to give us the impression that they are 'all natural', 'animal friendly' or 'earth friendly', that they have a conscience and good ethics - often when you look into things further its just not true.

At the moment, its the celebrities that have spoken out about their beliefs and thoughts of the world that are making most sense to me (people like Emma Thompson, Woody Harrrelson and Emma Watson), more so than the politicians. Is it because of these actor's creativeness? Is this the strengthening of the creative consciousness? the more 'feminine' way? rising up to balance an all too 'masculine' world?

And if we can create our world, then lets do it. Lets open our hearts and just love each other. Stop judging, controlling and competing and allow everyone the time, space and love they need to be who they want to be. Stop fighting, dictating and distrusting and start supporting each other while we learn to be responsible, ask for help and feel compassion. The more we live from our hearts the more our love will shine out, the more we join together the more our consciousnesses will expand and collect. and then - who knows what might happen.  :-)

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